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Family law is an area of law that deals with matters specifically involving the family unit. Family law is primarily composed of the following sub-categories:

Due to the personal nature of family law matters, decisions and interactions are often highly emotional. In many cases, emotions can interfere with a person's ability to make prudent decisions. Family Law Attorney Mike Watkins understands this emotionally strenuous time and diligently represents your interests while providing a calm, safe place for your questions.

With more than 30 years of experience, Mike Watkins will ensure your interests are fairly and competently represented in all family legal matters. A skilled attorney can explain how the law applies to your specific situation and minimize the impact strained emotions may have on your legal matter.
Choosing A Family Law Attorney

With so many attorneys listing family law as a practice area it is difficult to choose an attorney for you family law matter. When hiring a professional to assist you, it is important to consider the following:

  • Experience
    Ask specifically about the lawyer's experience handling legal matters similar to yours.
  • Track Record
    You have right to know how the lawyer has performed in the past, especially in litigation matters. Legal prowess is essential in every litigation.
  • Personality
    Do you get along with the attorney? Do you feel comfortable telling the lawyer sensitive personal information? You should be able to answer "yes" to both questions.
  • Cost
    Have the lawyer clearly define exactly how and when compensation for services are paid. It is reasonable to ask for an estimated range given the information you provide during an initial meeting.
  • Other Factors
    In many situations, it is important to consider other valuable factors such as the lawyer's connections, memberships, associations, community and/or civic involvement, and tenure in specific venues.

To learn how the law applies to your specific situation, call Mike Watkins today or contact us online to arrange a FREE 30 Minute Consultation without any further obligation on your part. Mike Watkins and his staff will take the time to help you understand what options you have available.

In today's world, adoptions have become a very common means to building a family but can have many potential pitfalls. In many cases, the joy and excitement surrounding the addition to a family can skew one's ability to objectively make decisions.

An adoption agency may not adequately represent your interests. With so much at risk, many people find it comforting to have an adoption lawyer involved in the entire adoption process. Adoption attorney Mike Watkins diligently represents his clients' interests in domestic adoptions and ensures all parties involved have a fair agreement. A well defined adoption arrangement will greatly improve the relationship between the adoptive parent(s) and the birth mother during the gestation time.

In every adoption, it is important to make sure all birth-parent(s) fully understand the scope of the adoption and how involved, if any, the birth-parent(s) may be in the child's future. Equally important, the birth-parent(s) must have a clearly defined "care" program during the gestation which may include the adoptive parent(s) paying for medical care, exams, room and board as well as many other birth-parent(s) expenses.

To learn how an adoption attorney can specifically help you, call our adoption lawyers today or contact us online to schedule a FREE 30 Minute Consultation. Our lawyers can help you avoid mistakes - you have too much at risk.

Second only to financial support, such as spousal support or child support, child custody creates more tension and disagreement than most other issues in a divorce proceeding. Child custody and visitation are closely related as both involve access to the children play an important role in determining child support.

Child custody is closely considered and evaluated by the court. The overall well-being, care and maintenance of the child is the primary concern in all child custody cases. Often in divorce proceedings, one or both spouses try to discredit the other side in an attempt to persuade the court to award child custody in their favor.

St Charles County Divorce Attorney Mike Watkins has more than 30 years of experience in family law. We work diligently to avoid the bitter, counter-productive practices used by many divorce lawyers. we argue your case on the basis of facts and what is in the best interest of the children. We provide the court with financial, personal and psychological reasons in support of your request for custody.
Types of Custody

As in most states, Missouri recognizes two types of child custody:

Legal Custody
A parent awarded legal custody has decision making authority regarding medical, educational, and religious matters impacting the child.
Physical Custody
A parent may be awarded temporary or sole physical custody but be barred from making decisions only a parent with legal custody can make.

In many cases, parents may share both legal custody and physical custody, known as joint custody. Still, many times only one parent may be awarded both legal and physical custody, known as sole custody.

Our attorneys know resolve matters in a timely matter saves you money. We work efficiently and diligently to represent your needs fairly. Negotiation can save you time and money. We help clients find alternative dispute resolution solutions including mediation, especially when both parties take a fair and reasonable approach to divorce.

Contact us today to learn how our expertise can assist you in achieving your desired outcome. We can provide you with sound legal advice through the divorce process whether in court or through mediation (alternative dispute resolution). Our family law attorney will provide a FREE Consultation to help you understand your options.

Child support is the financial support of a child. While child support is most often considered in the context of a divorce, child support can also apply to situations outside of a divorce, such as paternity cases. In paternity cases, child support is the responsibility of the legal father of the child. Establishing paternity or the disestablishment of paternity is critical to these types of cases.

In a divorce, child support of minor children (less than 18 years old) is routine. In fact, child support is so common that the State of Missouri has a specific formula used to determine the amount and duration of child support.

Child Support Calculations
Although child support is calculated using a specific formula, the data used to make those calculations can have a significant impact on the support determined. An experienced divorce attorney will help you understand how the calculations are determined. Generally, the following information is used to calculate child support payments:

  • Tax returns
  • Medical expenses
  • Income statements
  • Credit card debt
  • Loan debt

When all is said and done, child support is about children. Personal differences between parents should not affect the financial support entitled to children. The financial support is crucial for the care and maintenance of the child(ren). If modification of child support is needed due to changes in circumstances, Family Law Attorney Mike Watkins can provide you with assistance as well.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE Consultation with an experience Divorce Attorney and put our 30+ years of experience to work for you and your child. Attorney Mike Watkins will explain how the law applies to your specific situation and help you understand how the child support formulas apply to your children.

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I would like to express my appreciation for your legal representation in m recent family law disagreement regarding child support. Your familiarity with my case, knowledge of family law, attention to details, direct communication with me, and frankly, aggressiveness all contributed to a positive and fair outcome for my children and myself.


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