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Leasing commercial property is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem. Many new business owners think the terms of a lease cannot be negotiated and often do not understand the long term impact a commercial can have on the success of the business. Whether you are the lessee or lessor, an experienced business law attorney can help you save time, money and potential disputes by reviewing or creating a lease agreement for you.

Most commercial leases are written by and/or for the protection of the lessor (landlord) not you, the lessee. As with any contract, it often pays dividends to have an experienced business law attorney review any contract, including commercial leases, before signing such an agreement. Commercial leases are far more complex than apartment leases and often have many stipulations. An attorney can help you understand the existing stipulations and offer legal advice and possible changes to the lease agreement.

With more than 30 years of legal experience, business law attorney Mike Watkins can help you with a wide variety of business related matters. Lease agreements are one of the most common types of business documents attorney Mike Watkins creates and/or reviews for small business owners.

Commercial lease agreements can take many different forms, including:

  • Shopping Center Leases
  • Net Leases
  • Land or Ground Leases
  • Triple Net Leases
  • Gross Leases

It is important to fully understand all the stipulations in a a lease agreement. Many new business owners do not fully understand the terms of a lease agreement and later find out they have agreed to additional expenses or automatic lease amount increases by signing the lease agreement.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE Consultation to learn how our 30 years of legal experience can be put to work for you. We can help you protect your interests in a lease agreement.

Many real estate legal matters are often related to other legal matters such as:

There are many "routine" real estate transactions that would benefit from an attorney's involvement. Most real estate transactions cost hundereds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars. With that much money at risk, it is foolish to enter into real estate contracts without an attorney reviewing it. An experienced attorney may only cost a few hundred dollars yet may potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Examples of real estate transactions that would benefit from an attorney review include:

An experienced real estate attorney may be able to find potential problems in the contract or lease, or may be able to provide advice for scenarios you never considered.

Contact us online or call our attorney to schedule a FREE Consultation and learn how our expertise in real estate law can potentially save you time, money and frustration.

As with any legal document or contract, it often wise and prudent to have an experienced attorney review the document before signing it. With more than 30 years of experience, contract attorney Mike Watkins has extensive experience with a wide range of real estate contracts, commercial leases and other legal documents. He has saved his clients time, money and frustration by finding potential problems in contract language and has successfully helped his clients have the document language altered to better protect his clients.

A commercial lease attorney is one experienced in both business law and real estate law. Commercial lease attorneys review the lease agreement to ensure the document is fair and meets commonly accepted commerical lease standards. Remember a lease is generally written to protect the interests of the leasor, not you, the lessee. An attorney can review your commercial lease agreement and suggest ways to better protect your interests.

A commercial lease attorney will make sure you consider many possible scenarios well beyond the basics of cost, term and financial responsibility. A commercial lease can incorporate a wide variety of additional terms unique to your specific situation. For example, a commerical lease may address:

  • Tax liabilities
  • Recapture of unused allowances
  • Environmental impact and responsibilties
  • Health and safety code improvements
  • Capital improvements

Contact us today to schedule a FREE Consultation to learn how our expertise in commercial real estate law can protect your intersts and potentially save you money.

Whether a contract is for a residential real estate property or a commercial real estate property, it can be advantageous to have an experience real estate attorney review the contracts involved with securing property. This includes contracts with suppliers, vendors, contractors and other agreements with third parties necessary to secure the property.

Real estate contracts go well beyond simple terms in today's market. Some commercial properties involve multiple contracts that address purchasing a property outright or a commercial lease. Often a client may wish to secure additional services from a landlord in conjuction with leasing a property. An experienced real estate attorney can help you determine if a separate contract is in your best interests for those additional services as any future ammendments to a combined agreement may affect your property lease terms.

Contracts, especially those related to real estate property and leases can be very complex and often one sided. Involving an experience lawyer in the early stages of contract negotiation can help level the terms of a contract and ensure your interstests are fairly represented.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE Consultation to learn how our contract review services can help you better protect your interests.

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