"DIY" Divorce - Seriously?



Is It Worth the Gamble?

diceYou want to know how to avoid attorney fees in a divorce. I get it, you’re intelligent, you’ve done your research on the internet, and you want to save money. Sounds reasonable. After all, isn’t it just a matter of filling out some forms and getting the Court’s approval; what’s so hard about handling your own divorce? Well, unless you have an aptitude for legalese and a penchant for Court required paperwork, you might want to rethink your plan. The “Do It Yourself” divorce may not be as easy as you think. Representing yourself in a divorce is like rolling the dice. Sometimes you win, but more often you lose.

Here’s the flaw in the “DIY” approach. You are trusting yourself and the internet to provide the exact information necessary for the Judge to arrive at a fair decision. Do you trust the internet for anything this important? Seriously? Remember, your assets and debts will be divided by the Judge’s ruling. Are you willing to take that chance? The result could easily leave you asking, “What was I thinking?” At the very least, hire an attorney to review your paperwork before filing it with the Court.

ringsHow much do you really save? Are you willing to risk assets; what about maintenance (alimony)? There are so many details that require your consideration. It is well worth the cost of a lawyer to help you navigate. If you are still intent on saving money in this divorce, I suggest you clip coupons, use reward cards, drive a hybrid or try brown bagging it for lunch, but Don’t, I repeat, Don’t represent yourself in a divorce!

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